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The way to use a router table in 5 minutes

Carpenter is a simple way of people who do in small carpentry in family and craft workshops. Today, the factory and wood processing in general, the carpenter working there called workers carpentry.

Heretofore, carpenter is so hard because at that time, science and technology has not developed, they must use your hand to make everything. In addition, it may be meet some difficulties when working. Now, in advanced technology with the born of equipment and machine which server woodworker make wood steadily. One of them can be said that the development of router table. With the best router table, carpenters can work easily and help them save time to do other things. (more…)


In this modern market, there are a wide variety of sanders that are sold. This is a tool that is related to wood outsourcing and carpentering. Its function varies so it is subject to using purposes of each person to choose to buy one most suitable. In addition to this, people have to consider so lot factors to figure out one sander that consists of functions you need. Among so many types, a number of people take special notice of belt sander reviews and it seems to us that the number of this tools sold in the market is much more than the other type of the same functions. In this article, we will clarify necessary steps in buying a good sander. All of the steps are analyzed bellows.

  1. Understand you purposes and requirements

The first step in choosing to buy anything is always to clarify your using purposes and your demands. You must know what you need in order to know what characteristics a sander should have. In traditional way, people only use sandpaper to sand the surface of wood so as to make it smoother. In this way, people are often tired and they cannot continue to work after about 20 minutes. Their arms will have to move too much, which makes the muscles exhausted. (more…)