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The criteria to be able to choose the kitchen utensils.

Nowadays the kitchen appliances are very diverse, with a wide variety of uses it has more products, and each with a separate utility. And the offerings of the vendors extremely attractive housewife. you can type on google search: kitchen appliances, you will find thousands of results are displayed, including images, video illustrating the using, the using of publications. From small items like spoons, ladles, forks, to kitchen appliances as aids in cutting the cake, or creativity such as cutting tools apple peel, cut fruit in a convenient, and spectacular. So we should rely on which criteria to select equipment for the kitchen of the family like a Phillips airfryer .

  1. The degree of usability.

the basic kitchen tools is still pots, pans, bowls, plates and microwave oven, oven … .Let’s see it accompany with convenience. And you really need to use. such as tools specific solutions: (more…)


Kitchen counter is the most popular and important feature in any kitchen design. It will decide the topic of the kitchen and other furnitures in the kitchen. Know how to decorate the counter and make the consistency among kitchen furniures is not easy, some tips below can help you to beautify your cooking space.

  1. Kitchen counter choosing process

Kitchen counter need to meet the size of the kitchen and using purpose of owner. It is clearly that you can not choose the round or put the counter in middle of the eight metre square kitchen. For small kitchen, it is usually is the I or L shape counter, put next to the wall to saving space purpose. The colour of counter normally is the dark tone to make it clean when cooking, materials to make usually is wood or metal because of their properties, which can use and undistorted under high heat condition. The most popular kitchen countertops is square because it is easy to set up and move when you want to chance the look of your kitchen. (more…)