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In this modern society, people cannot live without music. Music makes people motivated and we will have more inspriration for working or for doing anything. Listening to music has a strong impact on people’s emotion. It can make us sad with slow and sad melody and words. By contrast, many songs can make us happier with strong and fast melody. People of all times are very interested in listening to music and use the musical devices to play music. Out of them, the best record player is also listed in the top of most significant inventions to the music world of all times. In this article, we will introduce to you top three in the list.

  1. The record player

The record player is a musical tool that is used to play the music. More specific, it is utilized to generate the sound of the songs to listeners. It is said that the record player is one of the most favorite classic musical tools in the previous times. Nowadays, it becomes less popular and it is very difficult to see any person using this tool. You can only see this in the concert, in the hall of singers and the exhibition of ancient musicl instrument. In addition to this, several people have the record player as they like to collect antiques or want to remain the traditional culture. (more…)

Livingroom colour topic for your personalit

We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that colour can reflect people personality and in the same time colour can control human moods. For a house, it is nothing but the livingroom to express the owner characteristic and personality, so what colour should be choose as a livingroom topic is the tough question for every housr owner.

  1. Choosing colour schemes

In usual, most people pick the colour they like to be to topic colour of the room, however it is hard to link to colour of wall and furnitures and make the balance so the architector give a solution for colour choosing: Colour schemes. There are three maim schemes:

  • Tonal: People can use more than one colours in room deoration, but it need to be in the same deep tone
  • Hamonious: In the wheel of colour, colour of furnitures and decoration in the room have to be close to others.
  • Complementary: Using the opposite colour on the colour wheel make the room express the personality of a open, exalted, enthusiasm person.