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The criteria to be able to choose the kitchen utensils.

Nowadays the kitchen appliances are very diverse, with a wide variety of uses it has more products, and each with a separate utility. And the offerings of the vendors extremely attractive housewife. you can type on google search: kitchen appliances, you will find thousands of results are displayed, including images, video illustrating the using, the using of publications. From small items like spoons, ladles, forks, to kitchen appliances as aids in cutting the cake, or creativity such as cutting tools apple peel, cut fruit in a convenient, and spectacular. So we should rely on which criteria to select equipment for the kitchen of the family like a Phillips airfryer .

  1. The degree of usability.

the basic kitchen tools is still pots, pans, bowls, plates and microwave oven, oven … .Let’s see it accompany with convenience. And you really need to use. such as tools specific solutions: (more…)


With the rise in number of skytower, not much families have chance to enjoy the feeling ofa home garden. However, you can make your own stunning small garden with the right arrangement and a few tricks you can make your natural corner look larger, more interesting, and even exciting! It is always possible to transform a tiny garden corner to a great place. The tricks here is the design shape and choosing right materials to utilise the available space you have in the best possile way.

  1. The main factors to creat your dream small garden

This is no way that an undesigned garden can look bigger than a designed one. From the shape of grass to the material of landscape, they can make your garden look even smaller then it is if there are no connection and suiable organization. If the basic shapes are not be set in the right way, your garden will NEVER look as good as you want it to. For example, a long small garden need a path in the middle to go through so you can choose the symmetric arangement art  to be the basement of organized plan. It will make the garden look bigger than it is and create a balance in both sides. In general, the garden need to be shaped, designed and organized to be square or circle to make a visual of bigger square. (more…)


Rooftop garden and designing rooftop garden is not the new trend nowaday. Citizen in crowded cities are not often have spare area for garden, so they usually take the advantages of spare area in the top for planting ornamental plants, or vegetables for their own demand. Some hightower now also desiged the garden area for their citizen combine with a cafe, restaurants or events holding.

  1. Advantages of garden on the terrace

Unused space especially the roof normally do not be pay attention, thereforce it has not been fully utilized and becomes a big capacity of area for lacking garden household. Garden with soft curves becomes the sources to contribute to the beauty of house and building. A rooftop garden create more priviate area than other areas, more friendly to environment and contributeing the air quality, increasing green space to the city without taking land, and green playground for citizen in the building. Moreover, terrace always full of sunlight in daytime, a great condition for garden plants grow, therefore you can have a wide range of plant species to grow in design category. (more…)