Drill press is one of the most common electronic equipment of construction and architecture. With a stage on the ground or a flat surfece in order to keep it stable when working, because if it fall down while working, it is dangerous for you and around people. The drill press is an electrical devices, which help you to create a hole on the products from wood to metal, you also can change the blade to make it change to a cutting machine. You can looking for some drill press reviews for further information of using tips and structures, and functions of the drill press. It works by press the countersink into the material and using the electronic strength to make a hole on the product surface. In order to keep it safe when working, there are some rules that you need to strictly follow and they have to wrote on the drill press label.

  1. Some common risk at drill press working place

Create empty space around the drill press: In order to keep safe for people who work with or near the drill press, it should be placed in the place with at least 2 foot square empty space around, because during the working process, this machine will leave behind some saw dust or debris, which make the floor slippery, easy make people step on this fall down.

Wearing safety glass: During working process, the drill will make the around space full of dirts and spark, so to keep your eyes safe you need to wear a safety glass before start working with the drill press. In addition, your hearing system also can be harm if you working with the drill press for long time, so that wearing an ear protector is necessary to protect you from deaf.

Do not wearing accessories or tight clothes: Accessories like ear ring, cravat or your long hair can cause accident while you are working. Remember to remove all of those things before working to ensure there is no unexpected accident can happen.

Concentrate on working: This work required highly level of concentration, if not it can harm your health or making a fail products. All of this is not what you want, so pay all of you attention when working with the drill press to provide a highest productivity you can.

Gloves: In order to keep it safe and provide a high accuracy product, you should not wear any stuff such as glove or something can wrapped the revolving bit.

  1. Safety rules of operation

Prepare yourself to work safety: Psychology is necessary for you before starting work with the press drill to ensure you do not get shock if hearing the sound from drill press

Electrical security: Electric can kill a person in a veru short time, so be sure that you turn off the power source before adjust anything on the drill press

Safety supported equipment: Maufacturers will provides some supported equipment belong with the drill press. You need to put on all security support devices before running the machine in order to keep safe.

Bit capacity: Your need to ensure that the bit size is not larger than the capacity of your drill press

Speed: You should not use the higher speed then the recommendation number because it will affect the drill bit and damage the prduct structure

Drill skills: Put the drill bit exactly at the place you marked, then make a hole. You do not want to make a disaster, isnt it? In addition, when you drill a thick pieces of material, you should raise the drill bit up frequency to remove the dirts and make a smoothy surface of drill hole.

Hand putting: Never ever put your hand near or under the drill bit to adjust the bits or material, because it is easy to make a hole on your fingers. Turn off the machine, then adjust the bit and material on its edge.

Cleaning: Cleaning after using is the most basic knowledge in using direction. You should not use your fingers or blow the drill shaving because, it cannot clean clearly by this way, and it can get deep into the engines, use the bench brush to do it for you.