Humidifier is a device designed with main feature to keep humidity in the room. Nowadays, humidifier has become an indispensable device of many families on the world. There are many brands of this product on the market and each brand will have many different models however basically all humidifiers will be designed with feature to create suitable humidity for a narrow space.

However, not all also knows how to choose a suitable humidifier with their demand therefore below are some notes to help you choose the best humidifier.

Feature Of Humidifier

As mentioned above, feature of humidifier is to create humidity for the room however feature of each humidifier is not the same. For example, if you use humidifier in the room having high humidity or using humidifier with feature to blow humidity without having feature to adjust humidity then it is not good for health of your family as well as lifespan of furniture in the room.

High humidity will affect to lifespan of wall, wooden furniture as well as electrical device in the room. In addition, an environment too moist is also the best environment for development of mosquito, mold and bacteria therefore you should choose humidifier designed feature to adjust humidity instead of humidifier has single feature to blow humidity into the air.

Design And Price Of Humidifier

As mentioned above, there are many brands of humidifier on the market and of course price of each brand is very different. We can classify humidifier based on price of it including cheap and expensive. The cheap humidifier will be designed very simply with plastic shell, many colors with unique shapes such as apple or animal. Price of them is not high with medium durability. The expensive humidifier will be designed more complicated with premium design with elegance colors (white, black and so on).

It is suitable choice for luxurious spaces. They are designed with many different shapes and many extra features such as ability to adjust humidity, automatic turn off when out of water and so on. Some expensive humidifiers are also combined with sleeping lamp. Of course, price of them is high however durability of them is good as well as good warranty system.

Notes For Choosing And Using Humidifier

There are some notes which you should care when choosing humidifier. Firstly, you need to care about power of humidifier. You should choose power of humidifier based on acreages of the room where you will use humidifier. Before choosing humidifier, you should calculate acreage of the room to choose humidifier having suitable water tank. If humidifier is too small then it will not have ability to provide humidity for whole the room and if too large then you will have to pay more money for them. Normally, a humidifier with medium power will be able to operate well at the room with acreage about 50 square meters.

The best humidity for the room is 30 to 50%. If humidity is too large then condensation phenomena will appear when using humidifier and encouraging development of bacteria, mold to cause harm effect to health of user. In addition, with humidifier having scent, you need to find clearly about source of essential oil to avoid using chemicals with low quality causing effect to respiratory system of user.

You should also buy humidifier having removable ability. With removable ability, you will be easy to clean and maintenance. You should clean filter regularly as well as replacing periodically to ensure quality of product. You should also care about noise of humidifier in operating process. Some humidifiers can create loud noise when operating and maybe it will not be suitable choice if your family has baby. You can check noise of humidifier by testing humidifier before choosing.

In addition, you should not put humidifier near the electrical devices such as fridge, television or phone or hygroscopic items such as blankets, mattress or item made by wool because in operating process, humidifier can make these items broken. You should use humidifier at suitable mode. With humidifier operates based on temperature, you should put it away from bed of children to avoid unfortunate accidents. You should also clean and replace water regularly to ensure lifespan of humidifier.