Kitchen counter is the most popular and important feature in any kitchen design. It will decide the topic of the kitchen and other furnitures in the kitchen. Know how to decorate the counter and make the consistency among kitchen furniures is not easy, some tips below can help you to beautify your cooking space.

  1. Kitchen counter choosing process

Kitchen counter need to meet the size of the kitchen and using purpose of owner. It is clearly that you can not choose the round or put the counter in middle of the eight metre square kitchen. For small kitchen, it is usually is the I or L shape counter, put next to the wall to saving space purpose. The colour of counter normally is the dark tone to make it clean when cooking, materials to make usually is wood or metal because of their properties, which can use and undistorted under high heat condition. The most popular kitchen countertops is square because it is easy to set up and move when you want to chance the look of your kitchen.

  1. Decoration process

After you choose the counter and install them, the first step of decoration is started. There are many options of kitchen counter decoration that disigner can suggest to you, from complexible themes with the corporation of each detail in the kitchen to the elegant but simple and useful ideas. Finding the right approach will help you to create your style of cooking and have long term effects to your daily life.

The first step you need to wandering about is how much of counter space you can use for decoration purpose. On the surface of kitchen counter, there are many things need to place on such as: knifes, blender, cutting board, etc. and other cooking equipments, normally, decoration space only takes one tenth area of the counter surface. For a big counter top design, you have more space on the wall to decorate than small one. You even can have a seperate area for decoration, it will need more than one piece of decorate stuff to cover the blank and also help to link other furnitures in the kitchen together.

However, there is not a lot of people have a large kitchen, one common way to decorate kitchen counter is combine decoration and cooking functions. For example, spice glass jars are easy to catch an eye on this, the glass can make a great visual interest and can work with any kitchen styles. Nowaday, kitchen equipment with a wide range of colours, size can be used as a decoration systems, an easy to seen win-win sitaution. Another easy and interesting option is using the ingredients as a seasonal decoration stuff. For the spring, peach, green vegetable, for the summer are fruits, etc. Jam jars are not bad with a huge range of colour, shapes and sizes can be the main decoration stuff for all season.

Lighting systems is the essential part of decorating in any room, for the kitchen, it is usually use the yellow light to bring in the warmth and visual interested in the kitchen design. Brightness and reflection phenomenon can be used in decoration to create extensive feeling and take advantage of natural light using in the kitchen.

Finally, setting a clearly theme on both functional and decorative elements will help you a lot on clarify you suiable decoration style. Be considering on cooking equipment such as colour pans, style and visual interested stuff, multi colours and uniquely shaped utensils are widely available on the countertops can help to light up your small cooking conner.