We cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that colour can reflect people personality and in the same time colour can control human moods. For a house, it is nothing but the livingroom to express the owner characteristic and personality, so what colour should be choose as a livingroom topic is the tough question for every housr owner.

  1. Choosing colour schemes

In usual, most people pick the colour they like to be to topic colour of the room, however it is hard to link to colour of wall and furnitures and make the balance so the architector give a solution for colour choosing: Colour schemes. There are three maim schemes:

  • Tonal: People can use more than one colours in room deoration, but it need to be in the same deep tone
  • Hamonious: In the wheel of colour, colour of furnitures and decoration in the room have to be close to others.
  • Complementary: Using the opposite colour on the colour wheel make the room express the personality of a open, exalted, enthusiasm person.

  1. Mood creating

Colour is the most effective way to create mood for person stay in. For example, using warm tone make people feel welcome should be in the livingroom, dining rooms or halls. Bathrom and bedroom are for relaxing, it should be the colour of nature such as light blue and green.

  1. Linking rooms with colour topic

You may have seperate ideas for each room of your house but stop and think a little bit about the overall of the house. It is easy to become a mess with inconsistency colour topic. If you want to pain each room in your house a different colour, you should choose the colour next to each other in the colour wheel. For instance, you can paint a room blue, next room could be greeny blue, the other is purple, etc.

  1. Colour schemes for personality

Firstly, for the neutral tone of colour. It is provide a feeling of introduction and peaful, this colour collection express a person with a soft charateristics and love the balance

Secondly, colours seen in nature group, such as sky blue, restful leaf green are easy to calm human mind while red is a arousing alarm and yellow is to increase the effect of working. Natural colours are usually combine with other natural decoration stuff to make the consistancy for the room and bring the wind breath to life.

Next, deep and dramatic colour is the representative of modern look. For example, deep blue ocean on the wall and the chairs and bookcase is pink red. The antagonism between wall and furniture colour within the conditions of arrangement can bring over mind things. The basement of this schemes is about basic colour such as black, white, red, green, blue. People who love this have creative, reckless, big purpose personalities.

Moreover, colour block is the new and responded trend in some recent year. Not a lot of vignetting, just the interation of colour can bring the beauty of furnitures and simple to the user. The most useful strategy for colour combination is using the next colour on the wheel to arrange the furnitures and stuff in the room.

Last but not least, pastel shades can work well in any conditions and requirements. It is easy to combine with other colour and can use for any furniture without feeling of unsuitable.

Livingroom colour can show out the personality of human, because of that, choosing colour for the room need to be careful to make the consistency and express owner idea in the most effective way.