With the rise in number of skytower, not much families have chance to enjoy the feeling ofa home garden. However, you can make your own stunning small garden with the right arrangement and a few tricks you can make your natural corner look larger, more interesting, and even exciting! It is always possible to transform a tiny garden corner to a great place. The tricks here is the design shape and choosing right materials to utilise the available space you have in the best possile way.

  1. The main factors to creat your dream small garden

This is no way that an undesigned garden can look bigger than a designed one. From the shape of grass to the material of landscape, they can make your garden look even smaller then it is if there are no connection and suiable organization. If the basic shapes are not be set in the right way, your garden will NEVER look as good as you want it to. For example, a long small garden need a path in the middle to go through so you can choose the symmetric arangement art  to be the basement of organized plan. It will make the garden look bigger than it is and create a balance in both sides. In general, the garden need to be shaped, designed and organized to be square or circle to make a visual of bigger square.

  1. Is there any fomular to reconstruction small gardens?

The biggest and obvious problems here is every gardens are different in shape and conditions, so in order to redesign the garden, it has to be different methods, however there are some rules that you can use and they can apply for every shapes of garden.

The first and most important rule: The balance. Your gardnen will be look smaller than it is if its layout are full of plans and garden suff in one side, but the nex have nothing but lawn, it is easy to catch the eyes of visitors to the empty space and make the feeling that your garden is the space with lawn, and it clearly look small.

Secondly, colour combination. You need to know that hot tone of colours (red, yellow, orange) make the feeling that things are closer than it is in your eye when you looking at, cool colours (blue, green, purple) tent to make things seem to be further form the objects. The trick here is using palnts with warm colours towards the front of the garden, the plants with cooler colours toward the back. The effects of cooler colour will make your garden like be extent further, therefoce make small garden look bigger.

Thirdly, making refections. Refection can be made by the mirrors or by the surface of some metals. It can make your garden immerdiately look double in size and creating the appearance of more space. To save the space and using the mirrors in the most effective way, you can place a big wall mirror into the background. On the sides of the garden, the stuff and pots can made from metal to creat the reflection on the sides. So the whole garden, including their edges will be looked further and bigger. Water can be used as a small reflective pool also creat the vision of depth because of the light and the surroundings pictures on the water surface.

Fourthly, using lighting. Most of time, the garden is cover by nature light, effections of lights based on the shades of plants and stuffs on the ground and on the wall sides, so it need a smart arrangement and organization. You have to control the balance of too little and too much light in the garden: too little light, you will see trouble when moving, too much light, you can see everythings but will make your garden look smaller. The trick is the shadows from the back make the feeling of something behind and in the same time, make your garden look bigger. Therefoce, the common lights using in the garden are up lights (to light the trees from below, usually the ground lights) down lights to light a seating area. The lights are arrange in using purposes, put where it needs and leaves the other in shadow.

Nextly, the plant size. Smal garden does not mean you  have to use only small plants. In fact, tiny plants can make your garden look bigger and you can have more plants, but the corporation of plant size will creates not only the interesting but also a cozy space. Choosing plants in small garden will base on the plants height and space it takes, you also need to understand the need of plants to arrange it suitable. For example, you use the plants which need more light and have high height, mix with small grass and flower which do nit need too much light below. It is a  very effective way to have more plants in the garden and help it looks fantastic.

In addition, a path for moving and take care of plants in the garden is necessary, it is not only easy to go around and see the whole garden but also can make the garden look clearer and bigger. The curvy path to hiding the end of the path is one of the best way to create the look of an unend path, then the garden will seem big in human eyes.

Last but not least, empty space is necessary to extent the view. Because of small garden, you will want to get as much as possible thing to it to fit any corner. However, having fewer stuff and more visible space will make the garden look more inviting and less cluttered. A good way to clear up space in the garden is using pots. Placing them in group and on the sides of the path will make the view better and create clear space above them.

To reconstruct your garden, you can use two or three tricks above to apply on your garden, do not using all because it will easy to make a mess of garden art and the result won’t come out the way you want it to.