Mobile phone today is considered the technological equipment which is indispensable for everyone with powerful configuration, many different screen sizes and higher resolution and it displays good support for work, school or your entertainment collection in conjunction with the compact design that you can take wherever you are. So in the market, there are more accessories for cell phones which help you protect your phone screen against scratches, store more data, enjoy great music, charging anytime.

To listen music well, you need the help of headphone. So there are many headphone for you to choose. You just only find best headphones under 100, just only that product can help you listen to music whenever you are.

And in this article, will introduce to you some accessories which is necessary for you when going out.

  1. Stickers for mobile phone screen

Topping the charts, the tool that are indispensable accessories for mobile phones you can not fail to mention accessories sticker for screen. When you manipulate multiple on-screen mobile phone is easy to cause scratches, fingerprints stored or dust, the most common is the touch-line smart phones today. These scratches do not affect the aesthetics of your beloved smartphone, but also reduces the sensitivity of the touch screen phone. So pasted screen is the perfect solution for mobile phones.

Nowaday, there are many cute steaker and it appropriate for screen of mobile phone with suitable design with touch-line smart phones today, they are made from 30% to 70% glue and self-adhesive magnetic screen so when applied to your phone it is not sticky like glue car will damage your device. With sticker mobile phone screen, it will help protect your mobile phone from the scratches, fingerprints are not stored, it dusted ensures touch screen phone and the latest clean. Especially though the screen stickers are manufactured to 3 layers of protection, but it is still thin, transparent and against the sunblind does not change your vision.

  1. Holster for mobile phone

In second place in the rankings was accessories holster, when you own a mobile phone, the luxury shopping for holster it for granted because if you use long time the phone backside will have scratches or phone dropped to the ground will cause strong forces affecting the design and value of your phone.

Holster with harmonious design and touch phones and colorful fashion personality with the right vacancy sophisticated camera, flash, audio speakers, USB port, 3.5mm jack and 2 buttons on the side increases sound, fast shutter button. Current bumper holster made of two materials commonly used as synthetic faux senior PU and transparent plastic material is not prone to change over time all things do not contain harmful chemicals adversely affect the user’s health or the environment. Especially, it also works to waterproof, anti-scratch, anti-dust and fingerprints stored help you hold the phone more solid.

  1. MicroSD memory card for mobile phone

Next on the list is a MicroSD memory card, the phone normally produced only a fixed memory ranges from 8GB, 16Gb, 32GB if a normal person, these figures have more than enough with them. It also use for those who frequently take the phone for entertainment, then that capacity will not meet their needs. So MicroSD card is produced to solve the problem of data storage, such as Full HD movies, the game unique graphics.

  1. Headphone for your mobile phone

At the other end ranking of headphones, when you want to hear a song from the phone without disturbing others want the headset will help you enjoy your music perfectly without affecting those nearby. You also used to talk when a call when traveling crowded streets.

The headphones are usually more compact design and various colors give you more more attractive choice. If you are in regular contact with relatives or friends through chat applications popular today as Yahoo, Skype, Viber … the wired headset comes equipped with microphone helps you communicate comfortably, even if you want the flexibility, the compact wireless headset (bluetooth) is considered the most perfect choice because you can just hear the calls and enjoy music anytime and just work like typing, housecleaning without entanglement as wired headset.