Rooftop garden and designing rooftop garden is not the new trend nowaday. Citizen in crowded cities are not often have spare area for garden, so they usually take the advantages of spare area in the top for planting ornamental plants, or vegetables for their own demand. Some hightower now also desiged the garden area for their citizen combine with a cafe, restaurants or events holding.

  1. Advantages of garden on the terrace

Unused space especially the roof normally do not be pay attention, thereforce it has not been fully utilized and becomes a big capacity of area for lacking garden household. Garden with soft curves becomes the sources to contribute to the beauty of house and building. A rooftop garden create more priviate area than other areas, more friendly to environment and contributeing the air quality, increasing green space to the city without taking land, and green playground for citizen in the building. Moreover, terrace always full of sunlight in daytime, a great condition for garden plants grow, therefore you can have a wide range of plant species to grow in design category. (more…)


Fresh flower can make your house environment more lively, luxurious and elegant, especially, the smell of flower can release all the worry and tired about works and life behind the door, bring in your house the breath of nature. With just a few small tips, you can decorate your home by flower in no time.

  1. Elegant livingroom

Livingroom is where express the owner life style, so a jar of fresh and colourful flower in the front door could easy to impress the guests with life and in the same time, flower can make people mind calm and stay perspicacious. To make the balance, the owner usually put two vases of flower. (more…)


Beautiful wooden beds, the many models on the market but to choose a bed as you want to be a problem. So you can refer to some typical bed following form to inspire yourselves own bed.

If you are intending to decorater your home with wood,  Wood Router Reviews will be a a hint for you to make your deam about a beautiful house come true.

So can be said that Wood Router is an equipment for designer to make furniture in your home as your demand. From Wood Router, can build some furniture such as: wooden bed or other furniture. And will be nice if all the furniture in your house is wood.

The basic materials constituting the beautiful wooden furniture

Natural wood is the most basic element in most of the beautiful wooden furniture, as well as the material of first choice. When choosing household appliances in many different styles from modern to country. This material constitutes a lot of furnitures such as floors, ceilings, wooden bed, TV cabinet, bookshelf … rough appearance, simple designs, housewares surface sometimes painted or save the textures are natural wood, making the room appear atmosphere comes from nature.

Wallpaper with pattern blocks, small flowers, rattan vines, with popular culture figure, and fake confused, ensuring that white walls full of vitality, wall stickers shaped flowers have become the inspiration of so many houses to form a beautiful interior.

In addition, material, household appliances and modern classic is made mainly from French wood.

Color coordinated interiors beautiful wooden house

Specifically with a few of the beautiful interior of wooden houses can be helpful in suggesting decorate your house

Black single sofa combination with adjustable round table, and add dotted ceramic table lamp for white collar and portable bag with small flowers on the floor for shares, bringing vivid breath. Or put wooden closet in the room but with yellow wall background rapeseed meal and sun glasses striking visual space makes no sense cold. Under the floor is black cowhide rugs and lampshades painted white filamentary become the visual center, look very nice.


The harmonious mix of several utensils as metal candlesticks on a small wooden round table, vase retro style. Some wooden tables, cushioned floor mat grass and colorful style Ramania combined with two landscape paintings on the walls do seem personality does love to travel, love to experience adventure and style freedom, independence youth.

Forming beautiful wooden bed for modern small bedroom

2 storey bed and versatile Bed is one the most beautiful wood bed form today and is also the heart choice for lovely baby room with intelligent design and convenient to bring daily life human perfection.

This bed type ergonomic design, helps people save time while living, working and learning. 2 storey bed for 2 persons can sleep, a person lying on the floor, one downstairs, one bedroom bravely for 2 people with a minimal design. For versatile bed, you will not be surprised by the creativity of its shape. Versatile bed with drawers underneath the bed used to store the furniture very neat but discreet. Moreover, some conjoined style bed with desk or closet, saving you maximum space and you will feel the room had new air is full of vitality filled the room.

Placing wooden bed in the bedroom Children

Beautiful wood bed is the cradle of human beings, so the arrangement Bed for children need to be focused. Due to environmental issues in the home, many homes are set bed near the window, as this may increase the width, open the bed. While this can make the most of the window sill area but be careful when sleeping without breaks the glass or body damage. Special children’s beds should not be placed near a windowsill by curiosity of children, young people are attracted by the scenery outside the window to look out the window or climb in through the door makes the risk of accidents is very high.

With each furnishing a beautiful wooden house will speak several different messages idiosyncratic to each employer. Be ingenious and quickly refer those beautiful wooden furniture formed to provide ideas for your own home.